LICHT FÜR DIE MACHT – Die Beleuchtung im Kaiserschloss Posen (Poznan, PL) / LIGHT FOR THE POWER – Lighting at the Imperial Castle of Posen (Poznan, Pl)

LICHT FÜR DIE MACHT - Die Beleuchtung im Kaiserschloss Posen (Poznan, PL) - 01

This article is available in short version in English as well. Vortrag am 25. März 2011 im Museum Bellerive Zürich anlässlich des Symposiums zur Ausstellung „Juwelen des Lichts“ Käthe Klappenbach, Potsdam GEWIDMET IN DANKBARKEIT DEM ANDENKEN AN EVA AFUHS Der Vortrag ist ein Versuch, sich der sehr komplexen Fragestellung „Licht und Macht“ in der ersten […] Read the whole article »

Invitation Annual Assembly of “LIGHT and GLASS” 2011

Lobmeyr Chandelier 41201-20 “Medina”

Dear member, dear friend of our international Society The President and the Board, cordially invites you to attend our Annual Assembly 2011: Date: Saturday, March 26th 2011 to start at 5 pm In direct continuation to the final discussion of the international Symposium “Kronleuchter Juwelen des Lichts” Location: The Bellerive Museum, CH-8034 Zurich Höschgasse 3, […] Read the whole article »

Juwelen des Lichts – Ein Symposium über den Kronleuchter

© Museum Bellerive, Zürich -

Internationales Symposium in Zusammenarbeit mit LIGHT & GLASS European Society and Documentation Centre for Chandeliers, Light and Lighting anlässlich der ersten Ausstellung zum Thema Kronleuchter «Kronleuchter – Juwelen des Lichts» im Museum Bellerive vom 25. bis 26. März 2011 Ort: Museum Bellerive, ein Haus des Museums für Gestaltung Zürich, Höschgasse 3, 8034 Zürich Datum: […] Read the whole article »

Report from the opening of the exhibition “Chandeliers Juwels of Light”

Philippe Starck für Baccarat, Zénith, 2003; Schwarzer Kristall © Baccarat

Peter Rath attending at the Bellerive Museum Zurich December 2nd 2010, 7:00 p.m. This is the first exhibition on the development and the future of chandelier lighting in a public museum. Ending with a special Symposium on March 25th and 26th 2011. Our board member, Dr. Käthe Klappenbach assisting the Curator Eva Afuhs with her […] Read the whole article »

Chandeliers – Jewels of Light: Opening reception and events

Kronleuchter - Juwelen des Lichts, Museum Bellerive Zürich

This article is available in English and in German as well. Please also see the initial article Chandeliers – Jewels of Light Chandelier exhibition, Museum Bellerive, Zurich December 3, 2010 – March 27, 2011 Opening reception: Thursday, December 2, 7 pm Whether made of rock crystal glass or plastic hardly any other design theme has undergone […] Read the whole article »

Chandeliers – Jewels of Light

Chandeliers - Jewels of Light

This article is available in English and in German as well. Chandelier exhibition, Museum Bellerive, 03.12.2010 – 27.03.2011 A wide range of light sources has been available for centuries from the splint to the energy-saving lamp and high demands are made of design to stage them. The chandelier has special significance among the wide variety of lighting […] Read the whole article »

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