Prague – Pilsen, April 2018 Program Details

Prague - Pilsen, April 2018 Program Details

LIGHT & GLASS Yearly Meeting Prague – Pilsen 2018 / Jahresversammlung Prag-Pilsen 2018 Bitte runterscrollen für Deutsch;     As promised, further information regarding our upcoming meeting in Prague and Pilsen from April 26th – 29th, 2018: Thursday, 26th April: We will be starting the program in the morning at 9:30, where we will meet […] Read the whole article »

Light – a dream – a chandelier

Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá - Lasvit - glass object "Bubbles in Space", 2008 - 01 dia 4m

  From May 26 through till October 23, 2011 the exhibition of contemporary young artists “In Search of Glass” was staged at the Prague Museum of Applied Arts (UPM). Curator Dr. Milan Hlaves mixed contemporary modern works with exhibits from the permanent collections of the Museum. In this unconventional and most intriguing installation, a chandelier […] Read the whole article »