“Wunderkammer” Einladung / “Chamber of Wonders” Invitation

"Wunderkammer" Einladung / "Chamber of Wonders" Invitation

24th June, 2017 – Opening of the new Exhibition “Chamber of Wonders” The museum Sasso San Gottardo is located high in the Swiss Alps on the old pass road over the Saint Gotthard. This lies in the middle of an area which supplied the first rock crystal, used among other things, as trimming for the […] Read the whole article »

Chandeliers – Jewels of Light: Opening reception and events

Kronleuchter - Juwelen des Lichts, Museum Bellerive Zürich

This article is available in English and in German as well. Please also see the initial article Chandeliers – Jewels of Light Chandelier exhibition, Museum Bellerive, Zurich December 3, 2010 – March 27, 2011 Opening reception: Thursday, December 2, 7 pm Whether made of rock crystal glass or plastic hardly any other design theme has undergone […] Read the whole article »