Papier Maché Chandeliers in Lithuania

Nineteenth-Century Papier Mâché Chandeliers in Lithuania:

From History to Attribution and Reconstruction

from Alantė Valtaitė-Gagač Ph.D.


In the summer of 2017, during the restoration of the historical palace of the noble Pac family on Didžioji Street in Vilnius, fragments of a papier mâché [1] chandelier that once hung in the palace were found. New material collected for the theoretical reconstruction of this artefact has prompted the author to write about rare chandeliers made from this material and found in Lithuania that have not yet received research attention.

Papier Maché Fragments

Papier Maché Fragments


Due to the lack of available data on the existence of pulped paper (so called papier mâché) chandeliers in Lithuania, chandeliers made from this material were not analysed. Read more…

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