Minutes of the official annual members-assembly 25.09.2009 in La Granja, Spain

The minutes of the official annual assembly are available in English and in German as well. LIGHT and GLASS MINUTES of a meeting of the board 25.9.2009 in La Granja Members of the board present: John Smith (representing Dr. Koenigsmarkova) as chairman, Peter Rath, representing Mr. Raiter) as Treasurer, Dr. Käthe Klappenbach. The board moved to […] Read the whole article »

That was our meeting “Light and Glass” in La Granja, Spain September 24th – 27th 2009

That was our meeting "Light and Glass" in La Granja, Spain September 24th - 27th 2009

This report of the Meeting of LIGHT and GLASS in La Granja, Spain written by Peter Rath is available in English and in German. Some Impressions: With this important meeting, held in a most fascinating place, our European Society is at last off the ground! We flew in from all directions. We met at Madrid […] Read the whole article »

Agenda annual assembly

Agenda annual assembly

AGENDA: for the official annual assembly of the European Society “LIGHT and GLASS”, for Friday September 25th 2009 to be held in the Aula Magna National Glasscentre, La Granja, Spain. The assembly will start at 2.00pm and is due to finish at 5.00pm. Welcome by the chairman (representing our President), confirmation of a quorum Reading […] Read the whole article »