Minutes of the official annual members-assembly 25.09.2009 in La Granja, Spain

The minutes of the official annual assembly are available in English and in German as well. LIGHT and GLASS MINUTES of a meeting of the board 25.9.2009 in La Granja Members of the board present: John Smith (representing Dr. Koenigsmarkova) as chairman, Peter Rath, representing Mr. Raiter) as Treasurer, Dr. Käthe Klappenbach. The board moved to […] Read the whole article »

That was our meeting “Light and Glass” in La Granja, Spain September 24th – 27th 2009

That was our meeting "Light and Glass" in La Granja, Spain September 24th - 27th 2009

This report of the Meeting of LIGHT and GLASS in La Granja, Spain written by Peter Rath is available in English and in German. Some Impressions: With this important meeting, held in a most fascinating place, our European Society is at last off the ground! We flew in from all directions. We met at Madrid […] Read the whole article »