BULB FICTION – Who dares decide for us the successor of the good old Edison bulb?

Bulb Fiction - The lie of the energy saving lamp

As founding member of our Society, as master craftsman, chandelier maker (not an academic historian though) let me give you my thoughts, just having had, for more than thirtyfive years international experience in designing and making light, mostly crystal chandeliers for festive, official buildings throughout the world. This article finds me in rage after having […] Read the whole article »

Chandeliers – Jewels of Light

Chandeliers - Jewels of Light

This article is available in English and in German as well. Chandelier exhibition, Museum Bellerive, 03.12.2010 – 27.03.2011 A wide range of light sources has been available for centuries from the splint to the energy-saving lamp and high demands are made of design to stage them. The chandelier has special significance among the wide variety of lighting […] Read the whole article »

R.I.P. Eva Afuhs – Abschlussbericht Symposium “KRONLEUCHTER – JUWELEN des LICHTS”

Eva Afuhs (* 1954 in Wien; † 8. April 2011 in Zürich)

In tiefer Trauer und tief erschüttert müssen wir, die wir so stolz auf die gemeinsame Pionierleistung waren, erdacht und ausgeführt am Museum Bellerive in Zürich, dessen Direktorin EVA AFUHS war, ihren tragischen Unfalltod am 8. April 2011 bekanntgeben. Unsere Gesellschaft und alle Teilnehmer des Symposiums trauern mit ihren Angehörigen, Mitarbeitern im Museum Bellerive und Freunden.   […] Read the whole article »