Other Literature/Resources

Magazines (Print & On-line), Articles, sources of information regarding historical lighting

Zeitschriften (gedruckt & On-line), Artikeln, Information Quellen betreffend historische Beleuchtung

ArtLight Magazine, on-line magazine with contemporary works involving art & light. deutsch & english

Highlight Zeitschrift, gedruckte Beleuchtungs Industrie Zeitschrift, deutsch

Pressglaskorrespondenz, ein On-line, Privat publizierte Quelle für alles betreffend Pressglas, deutsch

chrysler.emuseum.com/collections – the on-line searchable database of the Chrysler Museum with a lot of glass, including many items from Tiffany and a large collection of Oil/Petrol lamps

Rakow Library, Corning Glass Museum – an enormous collection of every kind of publication about Glass. Website English, material in various languages

Venetian & Venetian Style Glass: https://renvenetian.cmog.org/  https://renvenetianstyle.cmog.org/
These websites and the accompanying videos have a wealth of information on Venetian Renaissance glass.

Article on British Home Lighting: http://www.buildingconservation.com/articles/lighting/lighting.htm

Webpage on Russian Chandeliers: http://ruscrystal.com/page/485