Vorstand / Board

Light + Glass, Maastricht_Vorstand + Pascal Mestrom

Vorstand 2015 in Maastricht mit Pascal Mestrom

Vorstandsmitgliedern / Members of the Board:

Dr. Helena Koenigsmarkova

Dr. Helena Koenigsmarkova

 President:PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarkova: Director of the Prague Museum for Decorative Arts

A Graduate in Art History from the Philosophical Faculty of the Karl University in Prague, specializing in Bohemian Middle Age Arts. After completing her studies, she moved to the Prague Fine Arts Museum and has been working as director there since 1991. She has organized numerous exhibitions and research projects, represents the UPM in Czech and foreign trade associations, has been a member of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design (ICOM / ICDAD) since 2014, as well as chairing the European Society for Light and Glass since its inception.


Olivier Perrin

 Vice President: Olivier Perrin,  Zurich

For over 25 years, Mr. Perrin has been the proprietor of Aladin Antik, in the second generation. In addition to restoring and dealing in historic lighting, Mr. Perrin’s passion for historic lighting and glass has inspired him to collect a large library of original old documents pertaining to the history of light and glass. In addition to providing important information about the objects, they also give insights in to the history of the companies. This is a great aid in his function as consultant to the Historic Preservation Society.

Peter Rath 2015

Keeper of the minutes: Peter Rath, Vienna

having grown up in the glass and lighting company of Lobmeyr in Vienna, Mr. Rath has spent his entire life amongst fine crystal and chandeliers. After completing his training as “Gurtlermeister” (a metal worker specialized in fine work such as chandelier frames) he entered the family business and later, together with two of his brothers, was a partner in the company. Mr. Rath is one of the driving forces and founders of L & G and continues to work tirelessly to raise the profile of the chandelier as an Art and Culture object. In retirement he is working on both the Lobmeyr Archives and the acquired archives of the late Mr. Joseph Holey.

2016_L&G_Mathieu, Jean Mergel,4

Scientific advisor: Dr. Jan Mergl, Pilsen

after completing his studies in Art History at the Charles University in Prague, Dr. Mergl went on to work at a number of different Museums in the Czech Republic and Passau, DE before becoming the Deputy Director for Scientific work in the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen. He is a lecturer both in Pilsen and at the Charles University in Prague and has published many works on the topic of glass. His special area of interest are the Historicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, especially when it comes to glass and porcelain. His many published works include texts dealing with the glass of Lötz, Klostermühle; Moser, Karlsbad and Harrach Neuwelt.


Jaroslav Svacha, TGK, Novy Bor CZ




Christina Maastricht 2015


Christina Perrin, Aladin Antik, Zurich


Julia Hennig, Den Haag NL


Jana Duchonova, Kamenický Šenov


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