Minutes of the “LIGHT and GLASS” Annual Assembly 2010

UPM - Main buiding of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague | Source: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:HLBUPM.jpg | Author: Kirgyt12 http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Kirgyt12&action=edit&redlink=1 | Date: 12.5.2009

UPM – Main building of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague | Source: Wikipedia | Author: Kirgyt12


Museum of Applied Arts, Prague


13 September 2010, 10.00 am


Dr. H. Koenigsmarkova (President), Dr. K. Klappenbach (Advisor), Ota Raiter (Treasurer), P. Rath, K. Kanak, J. Duchonova, E. Putzgruber, W. Schwarze, P. Sindelar

ad 1)

The President welcomes those attending, confirms quorum and brings up the agenda, which is accepted as published before.

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Mr. Rath is asked to explain the most important sentences from the minutes of the last meeting of 25th September 2009. The minutes of the last annual assembly of La Granja are accepted as sent out to members.

ad 3)

The President brings forth her annual report for 2009: The meeting in Spain with renewal of contacts to president of ICOM-Glass Dr. Paloma Pastor, suggestion of a chandelier exhibition in Zürich by Eva Afuhs, enrichment of our website with lectures, with illustrated information material. Furthermore support for the upkeep of the old Glass School in Kamenický Šenov at an appointment with the Liberec Education Board (Mr. Cikl). Discussions with Amy Brabender, USA, as to the foundation of a private, independent Institute, this without disturbing the endangered Kamenický Šenov Secondary School.

As preview, the adaption of our members list with addresses. O. Raiter calls for decisions of how to give further services to members who are not paying up their annual dues. A regular publication of illustrated articles on our homepage will be stressed.

Kanak suggests experiments on starting our European Databank, using the “mask” as offered by K. Klappenbach, also the planned multilingual Dictionary.

Contributions will be published only after the control of the Scientific advisor.

Rath is asked to install an illustrated “Contents” start up page. Important is the question of copyrights.

  1. Putzgruber is asked to work on improvements of the website as “keeper of publications”.

The Society’s Statutes should be installed on the website, in Czech, in English (and in German?)

It is hoped to see as many members as possible at the opening of the chandelier exhibition at the Bellerive Museum in Zürich on 2 December 2010 and also for the finissage with a weekend seminar planned for 25-26 March 2011.

At the time of this Symposium, the Annual Assembly for 2011 could take place, otherwise this could be arranged in autumn, during the possible Istanbul Lighting Conference at the Topkapi Museum, planned by John Smith with the director there.

Kanak suggests current information to come from each country, but it is shown that preferably work should come from the Regions such as they have been suggested before.

ad 4)

  1. Raiter presents the Treasurers Report 31 December 2009 in written version. Rath then separate, the report as to the Vienna bank account.

It is resolved, that for 2010 there shall be only one unified report, all further bank transactions through the Czech bank account, with only small cash payments done through Vienna.

The City of Kamenický Šenov will be asked to pay up the € 1.000.- as annual dues, as to their commitment, also letters of reminder to all who have not paid up for 2010. Board members shall pay on free will and from private sources.

Our Application Sheet shall go to our website after possible corrections have been done.

ad 5)

The president now asks for a vote on acceptance of her Report and of the Treasurers Report. These are cleared unanimously.

The president now calls for the discharge of the entire Executive Board for the past period. This also is accepted unanimously.

ad 6)

A proposal for the coming election is discussed.  K. Kanak reads from the Statutes, that a number of five Board members plus the controllers are to be elected. The proposal is accepted by all members present.

The new Board therefore stands as:

  • President: Dr. H. Koenigsmarkova
  • Vice President: P. Rath
  • Treasurer: O. Raiter
  • Keeper of Minutes: P. Sindelar
  • Scientific advisor: Dr. K. Klappenbach
  • Assistant advisor: E. Putzgruber
  • As Controllers, unanimously elected: K. Kanak, J. Duchonova and H. Braunova

ad 7)

As for the future actions of our Society, we plan constant actualization of our website. Klappenbach here demands the strict consideration of copy rights, with access to members only and this after passing her desk. Non-member companies may not appear with a link to their business pages (Zieger, Murano). Old texts, no longer of interest, should be deleted (travel-info Spain).

Klappenbach is working on a bibliography. Her lecture to be held at the DGG Berlin meeting “Ordinäre Glaskronen” will be published on our homepage, a new assisting practitioner will be duly introduced.

Koenigsmarkova advises to apply for project funds with the “European Service Foundation”

ad 8)

Rath reports on the upcoming foundation of the “International Institute for Education with Glass and Light” in Kamenický Šenov, carried by the “International Glass Alliance” (Amy Brabender), for which L&G has been of great help.

The Light & Glass Society wishes to further assist the project, but will not act here as its representing legal body.

It is then suggested to organize the next Assembly in Zürich, during the coming Chandelier Symposium, end of March 2011, invitations will reach members and guests at least three weeks in advance.

ad 9)

There being no further business, the meeting is closed at 12:30 pm.

Dr. Koenigsmarkova invites participants for a viewing of the current exhibition: “Glass School Zelezny Brod 1920-2010”, and then for refreshments in the Café.


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