BULB FICTION – Who dares decide for us the successor of the good old Edison bulb?

Bulb Fiction - The lie of the energy saving lamp

Bulb Fiction - The lie of the energy saving lamp. Copyright: Thimfilm

As founding member of our Society, as master craftsman, chandelier maker (not an academic historian though) let me give you my thoughts, just having had, for more than thirtyfive years international experience in designing and making light, mostly crystal chandeliers for festive, official buildings throughout the world.

This article finds me in rage after having seen the film “Bulb Fiction” by Christoph Mayer, but not from propaganda from either of the two sides: The large industries Philips and Osram both of which I have worked with and have tested as “pioneer” the “Sparlampe” from the minute it was born, nor from the defenders of the incandescent Bulbs with their genius Edison screw sockets.The compact tube lamps are n o t the solution to become standard as was our old bulb for more than 130 years, it is the dictation of short thinking lobbyists and business concentration full of false statistics and uncertain environmental effects to the human life.Production, longlife guarantees, lightqualities of the spectrum, and dangers of waste and recycling after braking are so very full of lies.But the economic power has reached politics now forbidding in the European Union the further use of the incandescent bulb altogether by 2014 and then even of high voltage halogen light sources.

We are to cut down drastically the energy used for lighting.Yes I fully can follow this demand.But – lighting uses only a minute percentage of the energy to be produced.Why so drastically cut down here? What about the exploding individual transportation by car? What about production of all those unnecessary junk products pushed at us by pure marketing not by life quality understanding? What we all are looking for is a sustainable world that can bring to the individual as much happiness of feeling healthy and well in a global world of the masses.One of the life qualities is to look up at higher levels of nature, of simple, understandable higher levels of human living, to find heroes who have done the true and right things for the society in their own regional not global uniform cultures.

The only way to cut energy consumption is to cut down our greed for the growth of the false consumer strategies, to live a deeper more enduring, communicative life that again finds higher values, again learns to seek the elegance of the rare festive occasion instead of the constant fun and waste generation that I am part of and detest.We and I have made b i g mistakes!

Light is energy made visible for the eye, felt by the skin and by the “heart” the human feelings that are the essence of our life.Find joy in the right light in the light with its wonderful shadows, colour shades and changing density and motion.Are we not part of that nature that brings us day and night? Nature that lets the sun, the moon, the stars rise and set giving us orientation and timing in our time on earth.Do we not f e e l best in the changing dawn and in the again so human evening lights of the lowest lux values? And what have we done? We have hit the eye with tenfold of the necessary light intensity, we demand our rooms to be lit “evenly” throughout, no more dark areas for us to retreat like when we wish to hide in the shade under a tree, in the forest. Over-lighting has killed our sensitiveness.Let us solve the waste of energy not with an poisonous matt bulb that kills all effects of reflections and colour giving refractions that are so necessary for “atmosphere” with light spots moving as we walk under the crystal mounted sculpture that is the furniture of our air space in a festive room.

Let us cut down drastically the “light pollution” in our cities, give dark areas to rooms using all the already fully existing regulator switches that can give us the light we need in the place where we feel in our innermost we want it to be or not to be in the moving, changing intensity we are used to from our nature, when a cloud glides over the glaring sun – what highest quality there.

Heat produced by the incandescent bulb? Yes, why not? Let us use the heating quality placed in exactly that place where it is most effective in a room – in mid air! Again with switch mechanisms we will find a solution in our over democratic political world, without force, without forbidding a light source still so very sensible when used intelligently.

Bulb fiction – the groundbreaking film appears on DVD on March 13th, 2012 – a must see for all who feel responsible!

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